Mission for MIKKI created

At the next strategic session, an innovative idea was developed for MIKKI children's shops chain to achieve leadership positions in the market. The company already owns 12 stores in 8 cities of Ukraine and yet is going to move beyond it, constantly being in search of solutions for the development of its business. Within a month the Strategic team in collaboration with the chain’s owners and directors held 25 interviews with consumers and strategic sessions with management. The company managed to find a unique idea of retail format and develop an innovative categorization of products that will enable to scale up the sales massively. Moreover, the Customer Journey is formed according to the principle of design thinking & service design: all stages of the customer’s journey from the moment when he has not yet decided on the purchase and until he leaves the store satisfied with the purchased product.

Owing to the company's management strong aspiration for change and active support from the Strategic and European Bank for Restructuring and Development, MIKKI managed to find breakthrough ideas in the market, and to set a course for systemic changes to achieve its goals.