Strategic conducted a strategic session for Odessa airport

The best airports are different from mediocre ones by their successful strategy. Even today some of them reach non-aeronautical revenues at 70% and increase passenger traffic 10 times within 4 years, as for example the airport in Katowice (Poland).  Or become important transit hubs from one end of the world to another, like the airport in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Experts of Strategic have been studying the experience of foreign and domestic airports for 2 months, investigating the prospects of Odessa as a transport hub, and the trends of the aviation industry.  This work resulted in the strategy session held jointly with the management team of the airport, which lasted for three days. The meeting discussed successful business models of modern airports, creation of value and pleasant experience for passengers and business partners, as well as alternative scaling options. As a result, the airport has received the draft vision and strategy to achieve its goals.