STRATEGIC offers the strategic diagnostic procedure of your potential partner according to the following criterions:

  • Assessment of the market position of the company
  • Assessment of the operational strategy: unity, competitiveness, systemacity, perception of the staff, operational application
  • Analysis of the product/value proposition: competitive advantages, the perspective
  • Business processes: efficiency, identifying of the problem areas
  • Personnel assessment, evaluation of the organizational culture

According to the strategic objectives of your business, we will help you in the following areas:

  • Selection, checking and establishing of the contact with the potential business partners
  • Choosing of the optimal geographical location in the territory of Ukraine
  • Assistance in the developing of the strategy taking into account the specific character to the Ukrainian market

The main lines of work

  1. Search and evaluation of the business asset for buying/creating of the joint business
  2. Selection of the manufacturing sites for the location of the contract manufacturing/creation of the joint venture according to the technical requirement of the customer
  3. Search for the suppliers in Ukraine
  4. Entry of the foreign business into Ukraine