Entering international markets opens limitless possibilities for business growth and development. At the same time the connection with the life of a global business community requires constant improvements and providing the highest level of the product, service, innovations and business processes. Entering new markets is a complicated but very exciting and financially rewarding challenge for a company. 

The mission of STRATEGIC’s business development department is to assist client companies in revealing their potentials and forming effective solutions for implementation of international goals. 

We offer the following services to companies looking for international opportunities for business development:

Export Support1. Export Support

Organization and support of export activities


Depending on its current needs a company may choose one or more of the following varieties of this service: 

  • audit of company’s readiness for export: production, team, processes, resources (including financial resources);
  • defining locations and target clients for international development;
  • studying the geography of international sales (where in the world similar products are sold, what the international sales volume is etc.);
  • defining the types of international clients for the company;
  • benchmarking of international leaders and competition;
  • assistance with Value Proposition formation for international clients;
  • a fundamental study of the target international market: volume, structure, market players, competitive offers, trends.

Export Sales2. Export Sales

Preparation and support of international sale


This service provides:

  • searching for partners/potential clients and organizing meetings;
  • preparation for participation in international exhibits and support;
  • international tenders support;
  • building a system of export sales (only for companies prepared for systematic export)

Export Development

3. Export Development — creation and implementation of live export strategy

Complex solution for international development of your business


The components of this service are: 

  • assessment of company's export potential;
  • development / redevelopment of the export product, a competitive offer for the foreign market;
  • export strategy development;
  • marketing package;
  • international sales system establishment (search for at least 3 new systematic international clients + at least 3 deliveries to each new international client).