The quest for quality growth and consolidating stable business stability will generally come to the point where you need to expand your geography. We have often found that companies reaching this stage can capitalise on our services when the need arises to:

  • identify options for diffusion and development in new markets, that become vital due to the loss of a significant share in domestic or foreign markets;
  • increase brand value and secure its durability by expanding its boundaries;
  • search for innovation in the product environment to achieve n-fold growth;
  • search for international partners to strengthen business opportunity;
  • identify new geographical boundaries for further growth after securing a leading market position;
  • increase investment in your company using its star values;
  • enter new markets to diversify risks;
  • develop new markets when your customer base outside Ukraine.

One of the conditions for successful entry into a new market is by developing accurate and consistent implementation of entry strategies. STRATEGIC will work with you to enable your best methodology, the implementation of which can provide an n-fold increase in business, increase its market attractiveness and implement wide-reaching Strategic Idea.

Projects on international markets include the following milestones:

The success of the projects that we have delivered can be demonstrated by:

  • our 20 years of strategy consulting experience;
  • experience in the professional development of companies in a range of industries including engineering, mechanical engineering, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and FMCG, to markets in Asia, Europe, the CIS, and Africa;
  • a wide network of partners including: KAIDZEN Club in Ukraine, Pedersen & Partners (Ukraine), branding agency Polaris (Ukraine), and Manager-on-demand (Poland);
  • providing access to low-visibility limited opportunities, such as government programmes and  private tenders;
  • our proud history of working with international companies.