The Change Strategy has to be the starting stage in any transformation project.

It must be correctly formulated and carefully customised to make certain of correct communication at every level, to prevent many otherwise inevitable problems at a later stages. At the same time, it must be flexible enough to respond to market changes and new business opportunities.

Our work is based on many years of proven experience in implementing successful transformation projects. STRATEGIC has evolved its approach to Change Strategy formulation to anticipate the mobilisation of all the valuable resources of your company. Part of this is searching for all the strategy change scenarios with true value, modelling market behaviour and specifically building Change Strategy as the initial stage of your business transformation.

As a result, the client receives a roadmap to highlight the initiatives essential for both a start, and for the correct continuing direction, for the transformation process your company needs.


Сhange Strategy Projects


Delivering a Change plan


Formulating strategic idea and change strategy for the ailis company


Clients of Сhange Strategy Projects

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