Anti-Crisis Management using structured analysis methodologies may have little resonance to a business until inevitably one or more of the following problems hits, and they can all hit hard:

  • A systematic decline becomes felt in financial and market performance
  • No clear strategy can be seen
  • Inefficiency in your business processes can not only be seen but loses you money
  • It becomes apparent that your valuable resources are being wasted
  • The business model is losing relevance
  • There is a "collapse" in a team or between business owners

To stop any decline in your business as rapidly as possible, we will develop and bring into effect a crisis action plan — hygiene factor plan initiatives, which will stabilize the situation and lead the company back to a positive direction. This plan of initiatives is aimed at all your business constituents — work that can give quick results. We will relentlessly focus on those components that will realise real benefits, whether what it takes is updating existing products and services, optimising business processes, activating unused resources, or reducing unnecessary costs.

Since the indicative symptoms we’ve listed above are in fact frequently the consequences of systemic problems, the projects we execute in the development and launch of a anti-crisis management action plan should best be run in parallel with projects where we will simulate models for the most efficient and effective systems for the post-crisis period for your company. We will tackle simultaneously today and tomorrow by developing your current business model, looking for a new Strategic Idea and hard-hitting strategies, to update your team, and transform your business culture to lay the foundation for new standards of work by your company and its corporate management.


Anti-Crisis Management Projects


Business diagnostics and the development of an anti-crisis action plan

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