If your company has an ambitious new strategy that needs to be brought into play, whether developed independently or together with the STRATEGIC team, then often time is of the essence. Your competitors won’t wait.

A rapid launch and implementation of modified core competences demands that your management team is absolutely ready. Should that perhaps not be the case, we can offer you Interim Management.

Just what does Interim Management give you?

  • Temporarily bringing to your company external experts with CEO or top executive status, with proven top managerial experience, with suitable professional skills, and who match the profile needed for your new strategy;
  • The right people to develop and launch your strategy implementation plan in tight cooperation with your team. We will bring to the plan:
    • rigorous business objectives,
    • an ultimate goal,
    • quantitative and qualitative performance appraisal, and
    • defined parameters for timing, budget, milestones, and leadership methods;
  • Preparing your executive management team to relentlessly pursue the implementation of your strategy

STRATEGIC takes ownership of the responsibility for achieving your business performance targets resulting from mutual work and implementation of interim executive tasks as defined and approved in the contract.

The Change Strategy has to be the starting stage in any transformation project. And the Change Program Implementation is a full-fledged realization of strategy. In case where the core objective lies in the rapid recovery of the company’s financial health — we operate Antirecession management tools.

Сhange Strategy (ТМ)

The Change Strategy has to be the starting stage in any transformation project.

It must be correctly formulated and carefully customised to make certain of correct communication at every level, to prevent many otherwise inevitable problems at a later stages. At the same time, it must be flexible enough to respond to market changes and new business opportunities.

Our work is based on many years of proven experience in implementing successful transformation projects. STRATEGIC has evolved its approach to Change Strategy formulation to anticipate the mobilisation of all the valuable resources of your company. Part of this is searching for all the strategy change scenarios with true value, modelling market behaviour and specifically building Change Strategy as the initial stage of your business transformation.

As a result, the client receives a roadmap to highlight the initiatives essential for both a start, and for the correct continuing direction, for the transformation process your company needs.

Change Programme Implementation

Experience shows that that even the most effective strategy may be stranded without proper implementation, regardless of its quality, the situation the company may find itself in, and the market environment.

To ensure an efficient start to your transformation process and to be certain of its successful implementation, we are proud to offer you Interim Management.

Anti-Crisis Management

Anti-Crisis Management using structured analysis methodologies may have little resonance to a business until inevitably one or more of the following problems hits, and they can all hit hard:

  • A systematic decline becomes felt in financial and market performance
  • No clear strategy can be seen
  • Inefficiency in your business processes can not only be seen but loses you money
  • It becomes apparent that your valuable resources are being wasted
  • The business model is losing relevance
  • There is a "collapse" in a team or between business owners

To stop any decline in your business as rapidly as possible, we will develop and bring into effect a crisis action plan — hygiene factor plan initiatives, which will stabilize the situation and lead the company back to a positive direction. This plan of initiatives is aimed at all your business constituents — work that can give quick results. We will relentlessly focus on those components that will realise real benefits, whether what it takes is updating existing products and services, optimising business processes, activating unused resources, or reducing unnecessary costs.

Since the indicative symptoms we’ve listed above are in fact frequently the consequences of systemic problems, the projects we execute in the development and launch of a anti-crisis management action plan should best be run in parallel with projects where we will simulate models for the most efficient and effective systems for the post-crisis period for your company. We will tackle simultaneously today and tomorrow by developing your current business model, looking for a new Strategic Idea and hard-hitting strategies, to update your team, and transform your business culture to lay the foundation for new standards of work by your company and its corporate management.


Interim Management Projects


Delivering a Change plan

SOVA Jewellery House
SOVA Jewellery House

INTERIM MANAGEMENT: Accelerating strategy implementation


Business diagnostics and the development of an anti-crisis action plan


Clients of Interim Management Projects

  • Ailis
  • Ludmila Pharm
  • SOVA Jewellery House
  • Rosa Group of Companies
  • Weidmann International Corporation — Malyn Paper Mill (MPM)
  • Plastic Card Enterprise, Ltd.
  • Ukrainian Nationwide Online Payments Service