If your company has an ambitious new strategy that needs to be brought into play, whether developed independently or together with the STRATEGIC team, then often time is of the essence. Your competitors won’t wait.

A rapid launch and implementation of modified core competences demands that your management team is absolutely ready. Should that perhaps not be the case, we can offer you Interim Management.

Just what does Interim Management give you?

  • Temporarily bringing to your company external experts with CEO or top executive status, with proven top managerial experience, with suitable professional skills, and who match the profile needed for your new strategy;
  • The right people to develop and launch your strategy implementation plan in tight cooperation with your team. We will bring to the plan:
    • rigorous business objectives,
    • an ultimate goal,
    • quantitative and qualitative performance appraisal, and
    • defined parameters for timing, budget, milestones, and leadership methods;
  • Preparing your executive management team to relentlessly pursue the implementation of your strategy

STRATEGIC takes ownership of the responsibility for achieving your business performance targets resulting from mutual work and implementation of interim executive tasks as defined and approved in the contract.

The Change Strategy has to be the starting stage in any transformation project. And the Change Program Implementation is a full-fledged realization of strategy. In case where the core objective lies in the rapid recovery of the company’s financial health — we operate Antirecession management tools.

Diagnostics and Changes Start

  • Identification of the root problems in the company, preventing its growth and development. Search for the sources of strength – key competencies and capabilities.
  • The programme of changes which implementation can dramatically improve the company performance, with responsible timing and efficiency parameters.
  • Change management technologies, which allow you to run the changes with the least possible losses in resources and time.
  • Irreversibility of changes and ensuring continuity. 

Acceleration of the Strategy Implementation

  • Introduction of a new value proposition for a consumer, launch of a new market and external communication strategy.
  • Conformity of the internal organisation with a new strategy, including: organisational structure, motivation, sales and marketing, financial management systems.
  • Transparent system for assessing the dynamics of the strategy implementation, clear indicators and dashboards to track the progress. 
  • Management technologies that provide accelerated implementation of the strategy.

Owner Withdrawal from the Operational Management

  • Interim management that ensures the transfer of key competencies into the system.
  • Introduction of an organisational model, oriented at implementation of a strategic idea and strategic goals achievement.
  • Creation and development of a strong management team, responsible for the result.
  • Building a progressive financial management system, introduction of a system of the management team performance assessment. 
  • Creation of the platform for productive interaction between top management and the owner in a new role.

Business Management

  • The interim management team that ensures the achievement of the company business-objectives in the shortest possible time.
  • Responsibility for the result and ensuring continuity after the team withdraws from management.
  • Increase of business capitalization and preparation of the company for sale.
  • Managing during the post-merger/acquisition period, which ensures an effective compatibility of management systems, cultural adaptation, minimizes losses and ensures the rapid growth of business performance.

Introduction of a New Organisational Model

  • Organisational model, which supports the Vision of the company, focuses the system on creation of and delivering the value to the consumer, supports innovation.
  • Management technologies that ensure effective interaction of top-managers, increase autonomy and accountability of staff of all organisational levels.
  • Built-in feedback and self-improvement mechanisms, which enable the system to respond to external environment changes and grow independently after the introduction team withdraws from management. 

Run of Efficient Board of Directors

  • An efficient Board of Directors focused on implementation of strategic ideas and strategic goals of the company. 
  • Approach to management that improves the quality of interaction of top-managers and increases the effectiveness of the decision-making process in the company.

Transformation Office Management

  • Transformation office that ensures achievement of the goals of transformation in the shortest possible time.
  • Transparent system for assessing the dynamics of transformation, clear indicators to track the progress. 
  • Integrated system of transformation risk assessment and management.
  • Identification among staff members and development of future leaders, who will be responsible for implementing prospective changes in the company.


Interim Management Projects


Delivering a Change plan

SOVA Jewellery House
SOVA Jewellery House

INTERIM MANAGEMENT: Accelerating strategy implementation


Business diagnostics and the development of an anti-crisis action plan


Clients of Interim Management Projects

  • Ailis
  • Ludmila Pharm
  • SOVA Jewellery House
  • Rosa Group of Companies
  • Weidmann International Corporation — Malyn Paper Mill (MPM)
  • Plastic Card Enterprise, Ltd.
  • Ukrainian Nationwide Online Payments Service