As a company reaches a certain stage of development in its life cycle, most company owners become aware that doing business as usual just won’t cut it any more — it won’t enable any further progress and growth. An absolutely necessary step in the transition to systematic development is to find a new meaning for your business, the only way to forming a clear roadmap for the future, understandable at all levels, with the rebooting of business processes and aspects of your business organisation and business culture.

We propose rebuilding your systemic business to allow you to maximally capitalise on the return on your company's potential and its team.

As a result, the Owner who ultimately sets the business targets can receive a range of benefits, including:

  • A far-reaching Strategic Idea, which is the vital basis of all business systems;
  • Structured visibility of your business;
  • Business system at new levels of quality that will operate more efficiently and produce results beyond previous expectations;
  • Motivated staff with a much improved level of business awareness and the competencies crucial to their functions, able to make decisions and act in accordance with your newly-developed strategy.

Business results are clear after such work:

  • Increased market share;
  • Increased profitability and business performance;
  • Increased Company value.

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Strategic Idea: Vision, Mission, Values

Your vision, your mission and your values are at the very heart of your business and you must set them down clearly, or if necessary, redefine them. This is the mandatory step that needs to be taken before you can move to a new level of advancement, before you can drive your ambition further forward, and before you can better involve your staff to work on new ideas in the market as well as in your enterprise.

This is where STRATEGIC comes in, where our expertise relentlessly clarifies and keeps progressing your Strategic Idea, what we’ve been doing for both Ukrainian and international clients for more than 20 years. We use cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading methods to effectively and efficiently work in both Ukrainian and world markets.

STRATEGIC works in partnership with the owners and executives of our clients, our consultants running strategy sessions and organising the functions of your team, effectively refining the DNA of your corporate systems. As a result, the client receives clear, focused and highly usable Strategic ideas that can form the core values to support the driving force behind your team, take your company to new levels of competence, enhance its competitiveness, and fully recognise and consolidate the management principles which underpin the strategic potential of your strategic business idea.

Business Strategy

Your company’s business strategy is much more than an action plan, it’s the navigation system to help you stay ahead of the competition in existing markets and facilitate the creation of new ones.

The continual need to revise strategy is always in front of executive management, especially when external opportunities that may go over and above your current internal capacity are suddenly recognised. These are exactly those situations that demand acceleration in growth and the formation of a new internal operational system common to all staff, but where sustainable development is a priority.

STRATEGIC is ready and willing to use our expertise relentlessly to help formulate your strategy. This is what we’ve been doing for both Ukrainian and international clients for more than 19 years, using cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading methods to effectively and efficiently work in both Ukrainian and world markets. Our aims are to work with you to improve competitive edge and to focus on growth areas in your company, maximising your business performance.

As a result of our working with you, you will receive a roadmap to answer the crucial question "How do I make sure I achieve my business targets?" We will deliver a detailed action plan of initiatives aimed at implementing your ambitions and developing new horizons. You will have clear internal values for today and tomorrow, which will ensure maximum use of market opportunities created by competitors, clients, suppliers, your enterprise itself, and will make sure you open up the potential of your team.

Corporate Strategy

The main challenges in shaping corporate strategy are related to the practice of managing a portfolio of businesses as a group of assets based on financial targets and reporting lines.

Experience shows that this approach has its advantages in the medium term, but is not effective in maintaining the integrity of the system and the development of diverse strategic business units in the long term.

Common to many approaches to the concept of business ideas, principles and rules of interaction, there is a prerequisite that there be in place the foundations of business strategy and recognised corporate benefits. This enables efficient use of mechanisms of influence on the industry cluster, capital market and society. STRATEGIC uses this approach to underpin our work on creating corporate strategy and the management of your business portfolio.

Putting in place a corporate strategy includes:

  • the formation of your Vision, which will lead Idea in development;
  • the setting of corporate objectives;
  • assigning weighting to the existing portfolio of business units and developing the future according to your vision of the company, market conditions, leadership positions and financial resources;
  • defining the role of the management company;
  • formulating the principles of development of key business areas;
  • putting in place operational mechanisms using corporate resources and opportunities;
  • the alignment of organisational politics and culture of corporate management.

Business Processes Reengineering

The success of a company is based on the correct implementation of its Strategic idea throughout its  business processes. We drive forward a client's strategy in close liaison with the client’s team and those taking ownership of each activity, and bring to them best practice models.

The company’s strategy can then be implemented having nailed down the contribution and responsibility of executives in key roles, using proven long-standing expertise known to our unique approach to working with business processes. While based on your business processes, we can model an optimal mechanism for creating value propositions to your customers, and, more important, define effective mechanisms for using ideas, creating both an arsenal and a methodological base for the future.

STRATEGIC will provide crucial benefits for each of our clients:

  • a clear understanding at each workplace, WHAT WE ARE DOING, FOR WHOM and HOW;
  • the creation of the internal corporate standards that are right for you; for business processes, the organisational structure, job descriptions, job requirements, documentation, and working-day empowerment;
  • mechanisms for the assignment of duties, and who is responsible for the results of business processes. Performance appraisal maps will specify quantifiable responsibility;
  • the implementation of innovative approaches to working with your business processes that stimulate creativity in a team and open up its potential;
  • establishing new systems of internal communications.

Key Performance Indicators

A system for the appraisal of Key Performance Indicators is a critically-important tool in the embodiment of your strategy, since it defines the basic criteria for decision-making and the evaluation of the implementation of your strategy. At the end of the day, it is the measure of the achievement of company targets.

In developing your Key Performance Indicators, STRATEGIC consultants use both international and our own unique proprietary approaches. Together with the client, business potential is evaluated by a balanced scorecard system of indicators in four areas: financial, customer, internal business processes, learning and growth. As a result, our client companies obtain mechanisms to achieve strategic goals, at the same time as undertaking daily activities.

Clients of Systematic Business Projects

  • Kaalbye Group
  • The Bubnovsky Clinic
  • Ailis
  • Rosa Group of Companies
  • Veresen Plus
  • Greenco
  • Diamantbank