Making any important decision about company development is a complex process that requires the consolidation of the entire business team. The most efficient format for implementing such tasks is strategic sessions that ensure the exchange of opinions of all team members, guiding them to finding the most successful solutions. Unfortunately, without a moderation and pre-preparation, the strategic session not only does fails to produce the expected results, but it can also damage the company and its corporate culture.

The methodology and experience of Strategic experts enable to avoid common mistakes by ensuring the proper concentration and consolidation of the team around an effective solution. Depending on the task, Strategic consultants conduct a strategic session facilitation that accelerates its implementation and ensures achievement of the goals set for the team. If necessary, a preliminary market analysis, monitoring of team preparation for the session and processing of its results are carried out.

Issues addressed at strategic sessions:

  • strategy development (business, marketing, communication)
  • development of strategic goals and their decomposition
  • development of the company’s vision and mission
  • development of a new product
  • discussing a new business model
  • reforming corporate culture elements
  • renovation of the company structure, its modification
  • discussion of the model of business processes
  • search for innovations
  • discussion of the company’s strategic
  • holding any problem meetings
  • holding annual strategic planning meetings
  • team development through the strategy implementation

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