Your vision, your mission and your values are at the very heart of your business and you must set them down clearly, or if necessary, redefine them. This is the mandatory step that needs to be taken before you can move to a new level of advancement, before you can drive your ambition further forward, and before you can better involve your staff to work on new ideas in the market as well as in your enterprise.

This is where STRATEGIC comes in, where our expertise relentlessly clarifies and keeps progressing your Strategic Idea, what we’ve been doing for both Ukrainian and international clients for more than 20 years. We use cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading methods to effectively and efficiently work in both Ukrainian and world markets.

STRATEGIC works in partnership with the owners and executives of our clients, our consultants running strategy sessions and organising the functions of your team, effectively refining the DNA of your corporate systems. As a result, the client receives clear, focused and highly usable Strategic ideas that can form the core values to support the driving force behind your team, take your company to new levels of competence, enhance its competitiveness, and fully recognise and consolidate the management principles which underpin the strategic potential of your strategic business idea.


Projects to Build the Strategic Idea

Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa
Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa

Business Strategy development. Introduction of transformation

1+1 Media Group
1+1 Media Group

Formulation of the Vision for development and an organisational model for the 1+1 Media Group

Теva Ukraine
Теva Ukraine

Producing a strategy for Teva Ukraine for 2012-2015


Clients Of Projects to Build the Strategic Idea

  • Xinwei Ukraine
  • CONCORD Bank
  • Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa
  • SOVA Jewellery House
  • 1+1 Media Group
  • Теva Ukraine
  • First National Winemaking Holding Company (FNWH) including the INKERMAN, TAVRIA and ALeXX™ brands
  • Diamantbank
  • Pivdenteploenerhomontazh (UTEM)
  • Megapolis
  • Kaalbye Group
  • The Bubnovsky Clinic
  • Ailis
  • Rosa Group of Companies
  • Spanish House
  • Alphatrans
  • Restaurant network (start up)
  • Friend's Time