The success of a company is based on the correct implementation of its Strategic Idea throughout its organizational structure and business processes. We drive forward a client's strategy in close liaison with the client’s team and those taking ownership of each activity, and bring to them best practice models.

The company’s strategy can then be implemented having nailed down the contribution and responsibility of executives in key roles, using proven long-standing expertise known to our unique approach to working with business processes. While based on your business processes, we can model an optimal mechanism for creating value propositions to your customers, and, more important, define effective mechanisms for using ideas, creating both an arsenal and a methodological base for the future.

STRATEGIC will provide crucial benefits for each of our clients:

  • a clear understanding at each workplace, WHAT WE ARE DOING, FOR WHOM and HOW;
  • the creation of the internal corporate standards that are right for you; for business processes, the organisational structure, job descriptions, job requirements, documentation, and working-day empowerment;
  • mechanisms for the assignment of duties, and who is responsible for the results of business processes. Performance appraisal maps will specify quantifiable responsibility;
  • the implementation of innovative approaches to working with your business processes that stimulate creativity in a team and open up its potential;
  • establishing new systems of internal communications.



Organizational Architecture Projects

Veresen Plus
Veresen Plus

Development of their distribution business and their management team


Transformation of a Ukrainian holding company by proactive systemic growth into undisputed market leadership


Development of the Strategic Idea, business processes, organisational structure and an KPIs for Diamantbank



Clients Of Organizational Architecture Projects

  • Veresen Plus
  • Megapolis
  • Rosa Group of Companies
  • SOVA Jewellery House
  • Greenco
  • Diamantbank
  • Khodris Group of Companies
  • Pivdenteploenerhomontazh (UTEM)