Often the company strategic changes are accompanied by a search for a new product and its launch onto the market. Such a product can be designed both for an existing and a new user, depending on its capacity.

Also when decomposing the methods of achieving the objectives, a new product development often becomes necessary for further business growth.

In our projects this task entails a certain technology, which involves:

  • assessment of the company capacity, competitors, and risks
  • identification of a perspective segment of consumers
  • search for a new product and the demand forecast
  • product development and testing 
  • creation of a marketing and communication platform
  • product launch support

In partnership with the Owners and managers of a company-customer, the consultants of STRATEGIC create the following results of the project for the customer through strategic sessions and team work organisation:

  • a new product development: product philosophy, value proposition
  • defining the positioning and pricing
  • MVP testing (Minimum viable product)
  • development of a marketing and communication platform
  • providing of a product launch support

As a result, the company and the client receive a developed and feasible new product aimed to achieve financial and marketing goals of the company.