Your company may already be an experienced and acknowledged player in the market, which is why working with STRATEGIC will help you and your team go further by tackling the principal tasks in the next levels of achievement, through:

  • identifying Vision, Mission and values;
  • identifying innovative ideas;
  • developing effective strategies;
  • developing new sources of profitable business;
  • moving ahead of Ukrainian and international competitors;
  • surpassing your own objectives.

We deeply understand the challenges faced by professional teams faced with global competition, and we will customise each approach by using only the most appropriate methods, select only the most effective business tools, and help you form the right partnerships to enable breakthrough strategic decisions.

Our proven expertise in helping you achieve market leadership includes such services as:

Strategic Idea: Vision, Mission, Values

Your vision, your mission and your values are at the very heart of your business and you must set them down clearly, or if necessary, redefine them. This is the mandatory step that needs to be taken before you can move to a new level of advancement, before you can drive your ambition further forward, and before you can better involve your staff to work on new ideas in the market as well as in your enterprise.

This is where STRATEGIC comes in, where our expertise relentlessly clarifies and keeps progressing your Strategic Idea, what we’ve been doing for both Ukrainian and international clients for more than 20 years. We use cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading methods to effectively and efficiently work in both Ukrainian and world markets.

STRATEGIC works in partnership with the owners and executives of our clients, our consultants running strategy sessions and organising the functions of your team, effectively refining the DNA of your corporate systems. As a result, the client receives clear, focused and highly usable Strategic ideas that can form the core values to support the driving force behind your team, take your company to new levels of competence, enhance its competitiveness, and fully recognise and consolidate the management principles which underpin the strategic potential of your strategic business idea.

Innovation in Products and in Value Propositions

Creative innovation should be at the forefront of projects aimed at achieving market leadership. At a certain stage in the evolution of a company, the support of productivity and growing income requires innovative mechanisms that come out of revisiting Strategic idea, products, services, processes, business models and the geography of your business.

STRATEGIC provides searching of innovation, guided by the following principles and approaches:

  • The success of search and introduction of innovation depends largely on the willingness and ability of an enterprise to introduce improvements. We help identify areas ripe for innovation in their business direction, and the seeds from which ideas are born. And we never stop supporting our clients in identifying promising ideas and their transformation into profitable business.
  • Together with our clients we search for ideas beyond any constraints in place in their business history, in order to gain access to new techniques and technology, that their company can capitalise on.
  • We will create for your team a Development System, aimed at addressing all the challenges related to of innovation constant generation.
  • We help to deliver internal best-practice models.
  • We put together an innovation plan that gives management and owners a clear understanding of where best to invest and what to do to improve business productivity.

Growth Strategy

Producing this strategy demands finding unique answers to the question "how and by what means can we grow?" for each and every company. By choosing the best drivers and multipliers, that have the greatest potential.

We target growth strategy to opening up and consolidating the potential of your core business and to mastering new resources, working together with owners and company executives to answer these essential questions:

  • What potential for growth can we find in:
    • current products and clients;
    • the global value chain ecosystems;
    • the expansion of business geography;
    • diversification, acquisition, mergers, and creating joint ventures?
  • What growth strategy will be most effective at this stage of the life cycle of your company?
  • How can you prepare for holistic growth of your company — the team, resources, and business processes?

Typical projects designed to create growth strategies usually include:

  • evaluating current performance and prioritising investment;
  • identification of the options for growth of existing business through new segments, redistribution of investment, reiterating business models and strategy;
  • identify unique opportunities at the intersection of major trends in cluster on a global scale;
  • identification of priority growth areas, whether products, markets, or territory, and developing a strategy to realise the potential growth;
  • delivering and launching a portfolio of options for growth.


Corporate Strategy And Portfolio Management

The main challenges in shaping corporate strategy are related to the practice of managing a portfolio of businesses as a group of assets based on financial targets and reporting lines.

Experience shows that this approach has its advantages in the medium term, but is not effective in maintaining the integrity of the system and the development of diverse strategic business units in the long term.

Common to many approaches to the concept of business ideas, principles and rules of interaction, there is a prerequisite that there be in place the foundations of business strategy and recognised corporate benefits. This enables efficient use of mechanisms of influence on the industry cluster, capital market and society. STRATEGIC uses this approach to underpin our work on creating corporate strategy and the management of your business portfolio.

Putting in place a corporate strategy includes:

  • the formation of your Vision, which will lead Idea in development;
  • the setting of corporate objectives;
  • assigning weighting to the existing portfolio of business units and developing the future according to your vision of the company, market conditions, leadership positions and financial resources;
  • defining the role of the management company;
  • formulating the principles of development of key business areas;
  • putting in place operational mechanisms using corporate resources and opportunities;
  • the alignment of organisational politics and culture of corporate management.

Business Unit Strategy

To achieve market leadership you don’t necessarily need all the business units of a diverse company or group of companies to each be the leading players in their field. It’s enough to focus sharply on any one or several directions for change. This is at the heart of how we view work on the development strategy of a business unit.

STRATEGIC experts working in partnership with the executives and owners of a company will identify the source of market leadership for business units by:

  • formulating strategy for each business unit as way of defining more effective competitive positions;
  • geographical expansion;
  • raising the ambition skyline of teams, their levels of hunger for success, and practical effectiveness;
  • defining efficient models for the use of available resources, including the potential of a group of companies as a whole, and realising synergy between business lines.

Strategic Development Process Implementation

Once a new strategy has been developed, owners and company executives face the challenges raised by the transformation of Strategic idea into productive activity, and the launch of a simple, and understandable, to all, mechanism for the strategic management of the enterprise.

STRATEGIC can work with you to:

  • Customise your strategic development process to take on board key solutions, features and needs of the client;
  • change organisational culture with a focus on development;
  • develop talent;
  • instigate better mechanisms for communication and staff involvement in the development and implementation of your strategy.

Merger and Acquisition

The success of a merger, whether by acquisition or unification, depends primarily on the existing of common Strategic Idea and strategy, common goals and changes of organizational culture.

Working together in this area starts with the feasibility study stage, and should seamlessly move to later phases, once the decision is taken. At this point there must be a clearly defined integration strategy to ensure effective implementation in the shortest possible time with maximum economy of resources.

In such projects STRATEGIC will take upon itself:

  • critical and objective evaluation of the ideas and objectives of the merger;
  • weighting of market, organizational and financial potential factors, to ensure the creation of value through mergers;
  • development of the rationale of a merger in terms of Strategic Idea, goals, and integration strategy;
  • the creation of organisational processes allied to a merger to improve the management of the portfolio of change projects;
  • expert support throughout a merger or even direct involvement in the implementation of integration strategies.

Our integrated approach to conducting merger projects is based on three components:

  • Strategic Idea: vision, mission, values;
  • strategy;
  • business model;
  • organisational culture.

Entry into International Markets

The quest for quality growth and the strengthening of sustainable business stability often requires geographical expansion. We find that when that time arrives, companies typically work with us to:

  • search for a range of options to get to develop new markets in the event of exhausting opportunities on existing geography or the loss of a significant share in domestic or foreign markets;
  • increase brand value and strengthen brand presence by expanding its boundaries;
  • search the external environment for innovation to enable n-fold growth;
  • search for international partners to strengthen business;
  • identify new geographical frontiers for further growth after securing leadership position in its home market;
  • increase investment and the strategic appeal of the company;
  • enter new markets to diversify risks;
  • master new markets where key customers outside Ukraine may be located.

For more detail, please navigate to the INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT section.

Clients of Market Leadership Projects

  • First National Winemaking Holding Company (FNWH) including the INKERMAN, TAVRIA and ALeXX™ brands
  • Diamantbank
  • Megapolis
  • Kaalbye Group
  • Biocon Group
  • Weidmann International Corporation — Malyn Paper Mill (MPM)
  • Ovostar Union (Yasensvit brand)
  • Lactalis Ukraine (which Includes the brands President, Dolce, Laktoniya, and Fanni)
  • Vibroseparator