Companies at every moment face the risk of losing market share in a competitive world, while reducing the pace of development can result in difficult circumstances. Standing still will usually reduce the brand equity of your products and no enterprise can afford for their business model to age. First and foremost a task that cannot be ignored is the need to periodically reboot the business model and re-appraise company values.

The transformation process is a system to provide real answers and it mandates several stages to be unblinkingly focused on:

Transformation of a company must unfailingly produce both immediate results and ensure the long-term effectiveness of the business model. The scope of necessary change will of course depend on your market conditions, the quality of your existing products, and the unique personal vision of the Business Owner, while inevitably other factors will also be called into play. These are dealt with by the sum of specific crucial actions aimed at maximizing the impact of the true potential of your company and can only result in increasing its financial and market performance. Depending on the goals of the transformation project that we will work with you to put in place, we have proven ability to deliver such benefits as:

  • updating your business model to focus on long-term efficiency and growth of the business;
  • increasing market share;
  • ensuring more efficient use of resources;
  • ensuring that your business is systematic and ready for the next stage of development.

Not everybody can do this, since there are many tough obstacles to profound change to be overcome, such as a lack of management skills, a lack of common understanding of objectives and the methodology of transformation, and there may even be unwillingness by your staff to handle change.

Working with STRATEGIC on your business transformation will give you world-class and cutting-edge business tools acutely adapted to the Ukrainian market.

Clients Of Business Transformation Projects

  • Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa
  • SOVA Jewellery House
  • Rosa Group of Companies
  • Weidmann International Corporation — Malyn Paper Mill (MPM)
  • Megapolis
  • Pivdenteploenerhomontazh (UTEM)
  • Runa Food Factory of Lutsk
  • Odessilmash
  • Kherson Electric Engineering Machinery Plant
  • Karl Marx Kiev Confectionery Factory
  • Lutsk Bearing Factory
  • Korchovaty Building Materials Plant
  • Kryukov Machine Construction Factory
  • Kyiv Sanitation Equipment Factory