Your company’s business strategy is much more than an action plan, it’s the navigation system to help you stay ahead of the competition in existing markets and facilitate the creation of new ones.

The continual need to revise strategy is always in front of executive management, especially when external opportunities that may go over and above your current internal capacity are suddenly recognised. These are exactly those situations that demand acceleration in growth and the formation of a new internal operational system common to all staff, but where sustainable development is a priority.

STRATEGIC is ready and willing to use our expertise relentlessly to help formulate your strategy. This is what we’ve been doing for both Ukrainian and international clients for more than 19 years, using cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading methods to effectively and efficiently work in both Ukrainian and world markets. Our aims are to work with you to improve competitive edge and to focus on growth areas in your company, maximising your business performance.

As a result of our working with you, you will receive a roadmap to answer the crucial question "How do I make sure I achieve my business targets?" We will deliver a detailed action plan of initiatives aimed at implementing your ambitions and developing new horizons. You will have clear internal values for today and tomorrow, which will ensure maximum use of market opportunities created by competitors, clients, suppliers, your enterprise itself, and will make sure you open up the potential of your team.

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Projects to Build Business Strategy

Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa
Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa

Business Strategy development. Introduction of transformation


Strategic positioning of Ukrtelecom services over a 5-10 year period in its B2C segment. Formulating value propositions for its customers

Pivdenteploenerhomontazh (UTEM)
Pivdenteploenerhomontazh (UTEM)

Transformation of the UTEM Group — Strategic Idea, business strategy and business processes


Clients Of Projects to Build Business Strategy

  • Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa
  • Ukrtelecom
  • Pivdenteploenerhomontazh (UTEM)
  • The Bubnovsky Clinic
  • Теva Ukraine
  • Schenck Process Ukraine
  • Veresen Plus
  • Weidmann International Corporation — Malyn Paper Mill (MPM)
  • Megapolis
  • Rosa Group of Companies
  • SOVA Jewellery House
  • Marine Engineering Design
  • HERTS Group of Companies
  • Fortuna (Ideal Distribution)
  • Maiskiy Chai Group of Companies
  • TK Credit Bank
  • Ukr-Diamant
  • Enerhoimpeks Agricultural Services
  • Luhan Moulded Shoe Factory of Luhansk