The company’s history of goes back to 1995, when we were known as the "Ukrainian Center for Post-Privatization Support" (UCPPS). The aim of our work was to help Ukrainian organizations that had gone through the, then, startlingly new process of privatization, to adapt and accelerate their development under market conditions that had not been met before Independence.

UCPPS consultants focused their efforts on implementing complex projects often involving large-scale restructuring of enterprises, investment projects and the production of business plans.

Working in close liaison with international consulting giants and such institutions as Booz Allen Hamilton, the World Bank, TACIS, and the EBRD, from the outset we enabled our clients to succeed in the new arena we found ourselves in. We would be delighted should you wish to read about our completed projects in the section called 'projects for international companies’.

UCPPS activities set the stage for new innovative thinking and directly influenced the formation of Ukrainian Consulting market.

We were one of the founders of the Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants.


Oleksandr Savruk

Oleksandr Savruk

He not only headed the STRATEGIC Company from 1995 to 2009, but was also at the very forefront of the strategic consulting market in Ukraine. Oleksandr has a Higher Postgraduate Degree in Economics, and was a Special Adviser to the Minister of Economics of Ukraine on microeconomic business activity during 1997-1998. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Ukraine-Swiss Chamber of Commerce since 2006. He was the founder of an Internet portal for managers called Management: Methodology and Practice, which has been successfully operating since 2001. Since 2010 he has been the Dean and a lecturer at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs], and Head of the Department of Postgraduate Studies at kmbs.


Oleksandr Savruk, the founder of UCPPS, had the idea of creating an Internet portal for managers called Management.com.ua: Methodology and Practice. This generated novel opportunities in the public domain for the management teams of enterprises and additional benefits were soon gained from having access to selected advanced methodologies that were being used in leading management practise.

Today Management.com.ua is still popular in Ukraine and abroad in professional circles, having a constantly updated database of cutting-edge resources for managers and top executives


The UCPPS team continued to tirelessly work on the development of the right business methodology for Ukraine, involved in a relentless search for global innovation in management and the formation of strategic ideas and business strategy. At the beginning of 2003 we had a clearly unique methodology and the expertise in developing strategy to go with it. Our success was now undeniably demonstrated by the striking success of our clients and partners, whose endorsements you can read today.

It was a natural step for UCPPS to move on from its cumbersome name to its new name, the Strategic Consulting Group, which focused on not only our core business activity but also on the mission-critical needs of today’s market. 


The Strategic Consulting Group launched an education and training programme for Ukrainian companies, the renowned Building Systematic Business, aimed at accelerating strategic change in companies.


Strategic Consulting Group developed a methodology for formulating Strategic Idea, strategies and implementing systematic approaches that laid the foundation for the Strategy courses that were part of the MBA programme at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. Oleksandr Savruk accepted an offer to head the School. Oksana Shchegelska was assigned the responsibility for developing the Group further.


The next stage in the development of our company was based on rigorous focus on implementing innovative Strategic idea, new strategies and achieving the best possible results for our clients. The Interim Management Business Unit was formed.


The company conducted a rebranding exercise and the name of the Strategic Consulting Group was changed to map onto its quintessence, simply STRATEGIC.


What next? Focusing on the integration of Ukrainian companies into global clusters. Many missions dictate that tough challenges have to be overcome, issues and challenges that we are ready and willing to work with. This must only be in partnership with our clients so that we can truly and systematically translate these into opportunities and achieve real results for companies and for our nation as a whole.